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Family Prayer Bookstore: We're looking to raise money through our Bible & Power bank charger sales and through donations to support: Christian schools (AVAS, DCS); Charities (Feed The Children, Salvation Army, American Red Cross); our small business & ministry (FREE: Bibles, study guides - for youth/adult); and assistance for student loan/tuition.    

Your donation will help us raise funds for and continue to support:  company growth and our outreach programs.   

  • Bibles (Free) & Products:  inventory expansion
  • Christian Schools Assistance: school supplies
  • Small Business Growth: investment capital
  • Ministry Outreach: FREE-Bible study guides (youth)
  • Charities:  children, homeless/disadvantaged,  disaster & rescue service  
  • Ministry Outreach: FREE-Bible study guides (adult)
  • Christian Education: tuition fund

Your support in our Christian bookstore outreach and company growth campaign will mean a lot to us as we will be able to reach and help many more people with Bibles, good products and ministry services.  

Many people have been blessed by these programs.


Family Prayer Bookstore


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Countless people have been blessed by the programs of Family Prayer Bookstore Ministry. It is our privilege/duty to share the Gospel of  J E S U S  C H R I S T  with every willing person; through our FREE Bibles and FREE Bible Study Guides ministry. (See Adult Ministry and Youth Ministry tabs)

In addition, we are involved in supporting Christian schools and charity organizations.

This work is made possible by God’s love, grace and mercy and people like you. He uses people like you to help us provide for those who NEED to hear about God's amazing grace and "Plan of Redemption" and to assist them with their temporal material needs.

If you would like to participate in reaching people for JESUS and building up the Kingdom of GOD to help us share our Christian resources to others for FREE, please consider being a supporter of Family Prayer Bookstore Ministry.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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If you want to donate through other means, write to us: for more information.