Stackable Communion Tray with Center Bread Plate & Tray Cover - Stainless Steel Silver Finish

  • Stackable Communion Tray - Stainless Steel -- 12 3⁄8" Dia
  • Communion Tray Center Bread Plate - Stainless Steel -- 4 3⁄4" Dia
  • Communion Tray Cover - Stainless Steel -- 11 1⁄2" Dia
  • Communion Tray Holds 40 Cups

Stackable Communion Tray with Center Bread Plate & Tray Cover - Stainless Steel Brass Tone

  • Stackable Communion Tray -- 12 3⁄8" Dia
  • Communion Tray Center Bread Plate -- 4 3⁄4" Dia
  • Communion Tray Cover -- 11 1⁄2" Dia
  • Communion Tray Holds 40 Cups

Broadman Church Communion White Wafers - Cross Design (1 - 1/8") - Box of 1000 (10 Individual Packs of 100 Lord's Supper Wafers)

  • EASY TO USE AND EASY TO DISTRIBUTE: Package comes ready to serve and is in a plastic tube to keep unused bread fresh
  • HELPS WITH 3 MODERN CHURCH ISSUES: (1) No preparation time! Spend more time with family and church members. (2) Completely Hygienic! The product comes packaged and sealed. (3) Portability! These have been designed for easy mass distribution and easy to transport from one area to another.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: Plain Round; Unleavened; 1 1/8 in. across (slightly larger than a quarter) wafers in 10 rolls of 100. Total of 1,000 wafers.
  • INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, shortening, salt, and water.

Grace Communion Cups - Box of 1000 - Plastic Disposable Fits Standard Holy Communion Trays

  • BOX OF 1,000 GIVES YOU A GREAT VALUE - How often have you struggled to decide on supplies for your church or religious organization, wanting to get the best value? Rest assured that by packaging in a larger quantity, we are able to save your organization money and provide maximum value at the best price. Boxes of 1,000 are great for large congregations, while also providing a worthwhile solution for smaller congregations that wish to purchase once or twice per year to cut ordering expenses.
  • FITS STANDARD HOLY COMMUNION TRAYS AND HOME VISITING SETS - The last thing that you want is to order a package of communion cups and find out that they do not fit your serving trays. With Grace Communion Cups, you don’t have to worry about whether these communion cups are going to work for you. Our cups are standard sized, which allows them to fit nearly all standard holy communion trays and visiting sets, including RemembranceWare and Artistic trays.
  • DISPOSABLE GLASSES SAVE YOU TIME AND ENERGY - Do you ever feel that you are stretched too thin by all of the church related tasks that you have to tackle on a weekly basis? Purchasing a value pack of our disposable communion cups will save you time and energy by giving you the simple solution rather than having to wash glass communion cups after each service. 
  • MADE OF DURABLE PLASTIC AND EASY TO HANDLE - These cups are manufactured to precise specifications using an innovative XR700 injection molding technique. This process produces crystal clear cups with a finish that is as smooth as silk while maintaining unparalleled strength and durability. The end result is an easy to handle communion cup that works for everyone from children to the elderly, and is great for church services, home visiting, or nursing home use.
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK- We know that our Grace Communion Cups will be the ideal solution for your communion needs. We are so confident in our communion cups that we are willing to back them with a money back guarantee. If our Grace Communion Cups are not the most economical and convenient solution for your communion needs, or if you have any issues with the quality of these glasses, return them for a replacement product or your money back.